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Featured Forensic DNA Articles

DDC's forensic scientists are some of the leading experts in their field. Below are articles they have written to keep you up to date on current issues regarding Forensic DNA Science.

Innocence After Being Wrongfully Imprisoned for Nine Years
Published November 26, 2013
The Florida State Attorney's Office for the 13th Judicial Circuit dropped all charges against Cheydrick Britt related to a 2002 sexual battery charge based on new DNA test results conducted by the Forensics team at DNA Diagnostics Center (DDC) in Fairfield, Ohio, led by Dr. Julie Heinig, the Forensic Director and DNA Technical Leader.

Robert McClendon: "Hello Truth" Published August 27, 2008
This article highlights DDC's work with the Ohio Innocence Project to provide the DNA testing that eventually led to the release of Robert McClendon, wrongly convicted of rape charges.

Top 10 Frequently Asked Forensics Questions Published February 7, 2008
This article answers some of the technical questions that our clients ask. It discusses 10 common questions asked by both law enforcement and legal professionals.

Why Y-STR? Published October 1, 2007
This article discusses the option of Y-STR testing. Many legal professionals may be well acquainted with the conventional autosomal Short Tandem Repeat (STR) analysis typically associated with forensic cases involving DNA. Another DNA testing system, Y-STR testing, can be useful in cases involving female victims and male suspects.

One DNA Test...Many Interpretations...Reasonable Doubt? Published July 2, 2007
This article discusses some scenarios attorneys may face that could require different approaches from DNA experts. It goes through some of the possible questions that could be encountered or asked when faced with the possibility of DNA evidence in court.

DNA from Fingerprints Published March 25, 2007
This article discusses the developments and issues regarding collecting DNA from fingerprints. Also described is a study conducted at DDC on this technique.