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As DNA technology is increasingly used as one of the most effective forensic tools to convict a suspect, it is crucial for law enforcement to understand and apply this powerful technology in their casework. DDC offers the following DNA testing and consultation services:

Casework: DDC forensic scientists provide comprehensive assistance in cases involving DNA evidence, from crime scene to courtroom. We offer a variety testing systems including STR, Y-STR, and Mitochondrial DNA to help identify possible contributors of DNA evidence. Our forensic experts can deliver expert testimonies and provide case consultation upon request.

Criminal Paternity: Forensic paternity testing is often called for in criminal situations such as rape or incest where there are products of conception. In addition, forensic paternity tests as well as other family relationship tests could be used to identify missing victims or suspects through their family members who are available for testing.

Animal DNA testing: Animals could serve as silent witnesses in a forensic case. DDC's team of animal forensic scientists is experienced in performing a wide range of DNA tests on animal DNA evidence. All tests are treated with the same stringency as human DNA tests.

The DDC Forensic Laboratory is fully accredited by ASCLD/LAB-International and NYSDOH. It is one of only a select few private forensic laboratories to receive the prestigious ASCLD/LAB-International accreditation. These accreditations set DDC apart from other laboratories in the industry in terms of quality control.

Our Laboratory Director, Dr. Michael Baird, is the first DNA expert to testify in a U.S. court, and has testified in court for over 350 times on DNA evidence since then. Our Assistant Laboratory Director, Dr. Julie Heinig, was a senior DNA expert at the Cuyahoga County Coroner's Office, where she obtained extensive experience in forensic DNA testing through handling over 150 cases a year. She performed testing on the highly publicized Dr. Sam Sheppard case.