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New Sperm Micro Manipulation Procedure

Recently The McCrone Group, whose specialty is material analysis, announced that it had developed a more efficient technique to pinpoint human sperm from evidence samples collected from sexual assault victims. This new procedure, identified as Sperm Micro Manipulation and Isolation, was developed by Research Microscopist Kirsten Kelley-Primozic. Kelley-Primozic developed this new technique by using methods developed in the medical and electric utilities industries and protocol standards that were pioneered by The McCrone Group in 1962.

This new process requires scientists to use finely pointed tungsten needles to pick sperm from a slide instead of using a differential organic extraction method. The hope is that this new practice, which only takes seconds, will speed up the DNA testing process by eliminating the hours needed for the differential extraction process. Because the technique requires only basic equipment, which most labs already possess, and minimal training of forensics personnel, accepting the new method should be simple and affordable.

Ultimately the expectations from crime labs and law enforcement agencies are that this new technique will improve conviction rates for sexual assault cases, help convict the right people, and prevent repeat offenses.

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