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Forensics Resource Feature: Museum of Crime & Punishment

The National Museum on Crime and Punishment located in Washington, DC, offers visitors a memorable insight into the historical and current issues of crime and its consequences, all in an interactive and entertaining venue. The museum’s homepage claims, “It’s so much fun, it’s a crime”—speaks to its focus on engaging visitors.

The museum’s five galleries include over 100 interactive exhibits and occupy 25,000 square feet on 3 floors. The galleries include: History of Crime; Punishment—A Consequence to Crime; Crime Fighting; CSI Experience; and America’s Most Wanted. Good Morning America described the museum as a “a must see for CSI fans.”

Regularly scheduled events include CSI Lab Workshops and Book Clubs. Filming for the television series, “America’s Most Wanted” takes place in the studio within the museum. Visitors can try to crack a safe, hack into a computer, or visit a full-scale model police station complete with jail cell and lethal injection chamber. If it’s an adrenalin rush a visitor seeks, they need only go to the high-speed police chase stimulators and an FBI shooting range. The museum’s Crime Library has even greater resources into specific topics such as Artifacts, Criminal Law, Terrorism, Forensics/Investigations, Murder, Justice System, Imprisonment, Execution, Organized Crime, Hate Crimes, and War Crimes. To learn more, visit their Forensic Blog.

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