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Unlikely DNA Evidence

Crime scene evidence is often key to identifying perpetrators, and DNA technology has broadened the scope of items that might reveal the wrongdoer. Blood or semen stains, sweat or skin cells on clothing, or saliva left on cigarette butts, bottles or drinking glasses left behind at the crime scene are the common types of evidence that usually help nab the criminal.

In California, a man accused of robbing a bank was identified by DNA from an unlikely source: a fake eyebrow. While Mr. Armando Navarette of Salinas, California, age 22, and an unknown accomplice did escape the bank with $40,000, he was found guilty on 2 counts of armed robbery and one count of burglary. The fake eyebrow, used as part of his disguise, had fallen off as he made his escape. His attorney has requested a new trial.

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