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Forensic DNA Testing Systems

DDC’s Forensic Laboratory is able to offer a wide range of testing systems. These include standard STR, Y-STR and mini-STR.

STR: Short Tandem Repeats. STR is the standard DNA testing system for human identification. 13 FBI CODIS loci are tested to identify the victim, suspect and evidence. We have an extensive and powerful battery of testing system that allows us to analyze more than 13 loci if needed.

Y-STR: STR found on the male specific Y-Chromosome. It is inherited through the male lineage. Y-STR can be used for sexual assault and other cases where identifying the males contributing to the sample is critical to the case.

Mini-STR: This testing system is an alternative approach developed for testing small fragments of DNA, and is especially useful for degraded biological evidence. Difficult samples, such as those recovered from mass disasters like the World Trade Center, can be successfully analyzed with mini-STR.