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DDC's Forensic Laboratory is committed to providing high quality testing at a faster turnaround time to legal professionals and the law enforcement community.

Accreditations: DDC's Forensic Laboratory is fully accredited for forensic DNA testing. Our emphasis on quality testing has been recognized by national and international accrediting bodies, which perform periodic on-site inspections of our facility. Our stringent procedures have earned us seven perfect inspection ratings in the past. Our laboratory has received accreditations from ASCLD/LAB - International, ACLASS/ISO 17025 and DAB, and NYSDOH (New York State Department of Health).

Unmatched expertise: Our laboratory is staffed by leading DNA experts who bring with them extensive experience in DNA testing and forensic DNA testing.

The DDC Forensic Laboratory is led by Dr. Michael Baird, who is a world-renowned DNA pioneer. He earned his PhD in genetics from University of Chicago. He is the first DNA expert to testify in a U.S. court, and he has testified over 350 times since then. He also served as the on-air DNA testing expert for the O.J. Simpson trial for NBC. He has written and had published numerous articles and manuscripts in the field of DNA technology, paternity testing, and forensics.

Dr. Baird is currently the president of HITA, the Human Identity Trade Association. This is an organization of individuals from the DNA field who represent the DNA industry to the government and the public. Dr. Baird has also been on the AABB Standards Committee for 15 years, serving as Chairman of the Parentage Accreditation Committee for 7 years.

Dr. Julie Heinig, our Assistant Laboratory Director, earned her Ph.D. in molecular biology from the University of Toronto. She worked for the Cuyahoga County Coroner's Office as Senior DNA Analyst for five years, handling over 150 cases per year. Dr. Heinig’s expertise is the DNA analysis of unusual samples, in which DNA extraction is made problematic by the sample’s age and deterioration, storage conditions, and low quality/quantity of DNA, which is typical of evidence in post-conviction cases.

Dr. Heinig is an experienced lecturer, having hosted seminars and given lectures at the Coroner’s office, DDC and offsite to various groups including attorneys, physicians and universities. She has also conducted crime scene evidence collection workshops for law enforcement agencies.

Advanced equipment: Our laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art DNA genetic analyzers and real-time PCR instruments that enable us to provide precise sample processing. We have five ABI (Applied BioSystems, Inc.) genetic analyzers dedicated to forensic use, allowing us to efficiently serve your particular forensic DNA testing needs.

Exceptional customer service: Our forensic team consists of all types of specialists including technical advisors, legal experts, and customer service representatives with comprehensive knowledge about forensic samples and the testing process. Please call 1-800-406-1940 to learn more.