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DNA Expert Services

DNA technology is increasingly used as one of the most effective tools to exonerate or convict a suspect. We recognize the potential impact forensic DNA evidence may have on a case and offer expert services to assist legal professional clients.

Case Consultation and Review

Whenever a case involves DNA, you need the best forensic DNA experts to examine the details that are crucial to the case. Led by DDC's Laboratory Director Dr. Michael Baird and Assistant Laboratory Director Dr. Julie Heinig, DDC's forensic scientists are unbiased and adhere to strict legal and scientific testing standards. By performing DNA testing and analysis on a daily basis, they have practical experience and indispensable understanding of DNA work being conducted in the scientific and legal communities. Thus, DDC is your best resource for professional case consultation and review.

DDC experts will review the case file, including the bench notes, data, and reports with you, from beginning to end, providing a second opinion and a valuable scientific perspective. The documents and data are evaluated to verify that the results produced by other laboratories support their conclusions. Based on our DNA expert's feedback, you may re-evaluate the case and determine if additional or second-opinion testing would be necessary.

Contact DDC's experienced forensic DNA experts toll-free at 1-800-406-1940 for a free initial consultation. Together, you and the expert can determine how to apply or verify the DNA evidence in your case.

DNA Expert Testimony

DDC Forensics offers DNA expert courtroom testimony by world-renowned, experienced geneticists. These experts provide explanations of test results and testing methodology and procedures during court proceedings in a manner that the jury and others in the court will understand.

DDC's forensic DNA experts are highly qualified to provide expert testimony when needed. Our Laboratory Director, Dr. Michael Baird, was the first expert to testify in a U.S. court using DNA as evidence. With the proven ability to deliver clear explanations of highly technical subjects, our experts have testified over 600 times in court.

Contact DDC Forensics toll-free at 1-800-406-1940 to learn more about our DNA expert testimony service.