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DNA Specimen Matching

Not all DDC forensic cases involve testing evidence from a crime scene. Specimen matching can be used in various DNA comparison scenarios, such as the following examples.

Drug Screening
A urine or blood drug screen that has reported positive results for substance abuse can be tested against the donor for verification. Examples of this situation would include a client involved in a DUI case, or an employee that has failed a company drug test and believes their blood or urine sample may have been mixed up or mislabeled.

Pathology Results
Pathology tests from a physician's office, hospital, or laboratory might require verification that the sample has been taken from a particular patient. An example of this scenario would be a biopsy of a tissue sample or other medical screening test that a patient is disputing. The sample can be tested against a reference sample from the patient to confirm a match.

Biological Research
Biological samples from a medical research facility or university can be compared to verify that a human tissue sample from a particular cell line has not been contaminated, or that a genetic drift has not occurred during the research process.

Biological Fluid Detection
DNA testing can detect biological contamination coming from fluids such as blood, saliva, semen, and mucus in items such as edibles or consumables. DNA detection from biological fluids is used for civil matters such as a vehicular accident in which blood obtained from a vehicle is compared to individuals to determine the driver.