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About DDC Forensic Services

DNA Diagnostics Center (DDC) is the largest private DNA testing laboratory in the world. Since 1994, DDC has been the undisputed leader in providing high quality DNA tests to 50 U.S. states and 168 countries. DDC’s specialties include DNA paternity testing, forensic services, veterinary DNA testing, and human genetics.

  • We perform 3 out of 4 private paternity tests in the U.S. More than1 million samples have undergone stringent testing in the DDC Laboratory in the past decade.

  • DDC is the major provider of DNA testing to over 900 agencies, embassies and governments worldwide.

  • DDC has been providing high quality DNA testing to numerous TV and radio talk shows, in over 5,000 hours of shows. When multimillion viewership and multimillion-dollar productions are at stake, DDC has proven to be the only laboratory that media organizations trust.

  • More physicians and lawyers recommend DDC for DNA paternity test over all other laboratories combined.

Professionals from the legal and law enforcement communities around the world continually rely on us to uncover the truth using the most advanced DNA technology. The objective of DDC Forensics is to serve as a neutral contract laboratory assisting defense attorneys and law enforcement agencies by performing accurate, scientific data analysis with our extensive expertise and resources in DNA testing technology.

We offer a variety of DNA forensic testing systems including STR, Y-STR, and mitochondrial DNA. Our forensic testing services also include criminal paternity, animal DNA testing, case review and consultation. With DDC, you can expect high quality forensic DNA testing performed by world-renowned forensic scientists with a faster turnaround time.